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We work with our global services network for  flexitank-bulk liquid packaging and transportation sector. Our service characterized by Timely, Professional, Secure and Competitive.

Flexitanks Fitting & Loading:

Rigious selection/inspection of the container and flexitank installation procedures ensure successful flexitank shipments !

By our products and services, there is a skilled and capable engineering team with many years of experience to help guide and support the operations. Our professional technical support can even helps to consultant to the shipper and receiver on the required information & equipments to proper handle and effectively minimize the negative impacts.


Flexitanks Discharging & Disposal:

Thanks to our global agency network, after the flexitank's on-site arrival, We will help the flexitank discharging services and also remove the used bag to pre-designated disposal depots. With this service, your customers will be relieved of the trouble of eliminating the flexitank.

We provide discharge service beside technical assistance for every loads. Depending on the product viscosity, facilities available and pump specifications, discharging will take generally from 2 to 4 hours.

Flexitanks Emergency Responses and Incident Survey:

When it is necessary to rescue a flexitank from incident, we can provide transfer service with our fully equipped mobile technical team.

Our efficient and well trained emergency response team is on call 24/7 and provide emergency response services upon request. The emergency services and incident survey will be performed in the fastest manner. Of course, the surveillance report supported by photographs will be prepared  in the last stage.

Flexitanks emergency responses main including: investigation of the leakage reason, cross pumping /transloading, pollution removal etc…

For further information regarding to our services, pls write to us directly and we will get back to you soon.


Name: Qingdao FTS Container Packaging Co.,ltd

Mobile:+86-158 6473 1850 (whatsapp)

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Add:19F,Xinkaida Mansion,No.33 Longcheng Road,266034,Qingdao,P.R.China.

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Company: Qingdao FTS Container Packaging Co.,ltd

Contact: Qingdao FTS Container Packaging Co.,ltd

Tel: +86-1519 2484 059

Phone: +86-158 6473 1850 (whatsapp)

E-mail: Info@flexitank-container.com

Address: 19F,Xinkaida Mansion,No.33 Longcheng Road,266034,Qingdao,P.R.China.