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Qingdao FTS Container Packaging Co., Ltd. is committed to producing high quality container packagings including: container flexitank, truck flexitank, TPU/PVC storage bags and container bulk liner for dry bulk cargos.

As the leading flexitank manufacturer and professional services provider in this industry, FTS focusing in R&D, designing and producing packaging for non-hazardous liquid products. Our products have successively passed the tests and certificates of ISO9001, FDA, EC, Kosher, Halal and also the latest COA’s PAS1008:2016 flexitank railway impact test in BeiJing.

To provide our customers with the quality, personalized and one-to-one customized optimization schemes of products and logistics service, we are able  to maximize customers’ benefits and optimize the quality in good manner.

With more than 10 years of experience in practice, we consider ourselves as experts in this matter.


Name: Qingdao FTS Container Packaging Co.,ltd

Mobile:+86-158 6473 1850 (whatsapp)

Tel:+86-1519 2484 059


Add:19F,Xinkaida Mansion,No.33 Longcheng Road,266034,Qingdao,P.R.China.

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Company: Qingdao FTS Container Packaging Co.,ltd

Contact: Qingdao FTS Container Packaging Co.,ltd

Tel: +86-1519 2484 059

Phone: +86-158 6473 1850 (whatsapp)

E-mail: Info@flexitank-container.com

Address: 19F,Xinkaida Mansion,No.33 Longcheng Road,266034,Qingdao,P.R.China.